Exploring (Little Acorns) 2019

‘The Little Acorns have been exploring All Creatures Great and Small. We were lucky enough to be visited by two Giant African Land Snails which we loved learning about and holding We thought they felt “slimy” and “sucky”! We also re-homed two stag beetles in our forest. We trekked through the woods looking for the perfect environment for them and loved watching them scuttle away to begin their new lives. As well as all of this creepy-crawly fun, we’ve been watching our caterpillars grow from tiny, wiggly grubs to beautiful butterflies. We’ve been learning lots about life-cycles and habitats as well as how to care for all living things. Next week we will be introducing the children to fertilised chicken eggs and watching them hatch and evolve into chicks! What a lot of fun we’re having.’