New Year Newsletter 2019 (Shoreham)

Policies and Procedures

The Policy and Procedures Manual has undergone its annual review and has been updated accordingly. Copies will be emailed to all Parents and Carers with a hard copy available at the nursery.

All are welcome and positively encouraged to make comment on this document, “Policies and Procedure Manual 2019”.  Suggestions about key items, words or new policies are welcomed from staff, parents, carers, students, other colleagues, volunteers and or visitors. Comments can be noted within the hard copy located at the nursery, given verbally or emailed directly to the Nursery. The nursery policies and procedures sit alongside our employee handbook.

Fee Review

During January we will be conducting our annual review of the nursery fees and sessions to ensure we continue in supporting parents and carers with their childcare needs.

Should you have any feedback in relation to current sessions, free entitlement and or fees, please email the nursery at Alternatively, you can speak to Laura.

Childcare Choices

We would like to remind all our families who are currently claiming, or are due to claim the 30 hour extended funding that your codes need renewing every 3 months. You should receive a reminder email at this interval. If you have any questions regarding  your funding you can either speak to Laura or contact WSCC on 01243 777807.

Cold Weather

Please can we remind everyone to provide weather appropriate clothes so that your child/children can play outside. This includes, hats, scarfs and gloves. We also find it very useful if these items are labelled so that we can return them to their rightful owner.

Upcoming Events During January and February

National story telling week 26th January to 2nd February

Chinese New Year Tuesday 5th February

Term Dates 2019

February half term 18th to 22nd February

Easter holidays 8th to 22nd April

May half term 22nd July to 30th August

October half term 28th October to 1st November

Christmas holidays begin 16th December