New Year Newsletter 2019 (Lower Beeding)

Happy New Year

Thank you for a great 2018, it has been an amazing year which ended with our first ever Christmas Nativity.
2019 is set to be another exciting year with the launch of our Parent Forum, first meeting scheduled for Wednesday 23rd January at 6pm.

We will be continuing with our enabling environment plan, which was greatly supported by parents and carers last year following the fantastic donations of pre-loved kitchen items for our outside area.

Alongside this, we will be looking to start our “grow your own” project, by growing our 2019 Christmas dinner, any green fingered gardening tips are welcomed.

Policies & Procedures

The Policy and Procedures Manual has undergone its annual review and has been updated accordingly. Copies have been emailed to all parents and carers with a hard copy available at the nursery.

All are welcome and positively encouraged to make comment on this document, “Policies and Procedure Manual 2019”. Suggestions about key items, words or new policies are welcomed from staff, parents, carers, students, other colleagues, volunteers and or visitors. Comments can be noted within the hard copy located at the nursery, given verbally or emailed directly to the nursery.
The nursery policies and procedures sit alongside our employee handbook which is available upon request.

Nursery Annual Review

During January we will be conducting our annual review of the nursery fees and sessions to ensure we continue in supporting parents and carers with their childcare needs.

Should you have any feedback in relation to current sessions, free entitlement and or fees, please email the nursery by Monday 14th January;

Suggestions can also be discussed with either myself or Sharon, Deputy Manager. Any amendments to the sessions and fees will be communicated during March.


Nursery Manager – A Step Ahead Ltd     |     01403 891012