Summer Newsletter 2018 (Lancing)

New Staff!

I am sure you have all met them by now but we would like to formally welcome Fran, Ranga and Karen to the nursery team! They have all settled in very well and we love having them here!

Caterpillar Room

The caterpillar room have enjoyed lots of sensory experiences recently including splodge painting, body painting and different materials in their sensory tray. They have been enjoying the shady spots in the garden where they have been digging in the sand, doing water painting, singing and stories, lots of jumping, balancing and risk taking and having picnic teas.

Butterfly Room

The children in the butterfly room have been making the most of the sunshine and playing outside lots. They have enjoyed lots of water play using pieces of drain pipe to create waterways between trays and jugs to pour and make the water flow. They have also enjoyed lots of playing in the mud kitchen in the big garden, digging out the soil to put fresh soil and plant some seeds. Indoors, they have enjoyed lots of creative activities including making a volcano, painting hot air balloons and baking pizzas and cakes!


Please remember to sign your children in and out of each session on the registers.

Please can you make sure that you are turning up for your sessions on time and collecting by the time the sessions are finished. It is really important due to staff child ratios. If for whatever reason you are going to be late or not attending at all, please phone the nursery to make us aware. Thank you!

We would like to remind you to put sun cream on your children before bringing them to nursery and please provide a sun hat.

If you have any spare clothes at home, we would really appreciate them for the nursery spare box – particularly boys pants and shorts/trousers.

We would like to remind you to leave your own toys at home. The staff are not responsible for looking after these items and children are getting upset if they go missing or when other children want to play with them.

Coming Soon!

We have exciting new plans for the Butterfly room – over the summer months we will be dividing the room into 2 separate rooms making a space for the 2-3yr olds to play before they move up into the Butterfly Room. We feel that this will really ease the transition from room to room as they will spend time with the younger children by free flowing into the Caterpillar garden and the older children by mixing at certain times of the day. By doing this, they are also becoming familiar with the new adults in each area before moving permanently.

We would like to ask parents and carers for their ideas to re-name the three rooms… Please write your ideas down and hand them to Abbie or Nyssa in the office!

Dates for your Diary

  • 20th July – end of term
  • 28th August – BANK HOLIDAY – nursery closed
  • 31st August – Last day for children before school
  • 4th September – Term starts

Congratulations to Jacks and Colin on the birth of their gorgeous baby boy Joshua Robert!