Summer Newsletter 2018 (Little Acorns)

Another half term has been and gone, time certainly flies when you’re having fun! We’ve had a lovely time playing out in the sunshine, particularly enjoying water play and making special concoctions in our outdoor kitchen. Please continue to put sun-cream on your children before the start of their session and bring a named sun-cream and hat with you.

We have also been observing our pet caterpillars- Daisy, Jake, Twinkletoes, Minnie and Tinky-Catboy. We have seen them grow from tiny caterpillars into big fat caterpillars and this week they have become cocoons! We hope they stay in their cocoons long enough for a big release when we come back to nursery. The children have been so fascinated with this experience and hope they’re sharing all they’ve learned with you at home.

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came along to their development review meetings, it was great to catch up and sing everybody’s praises. We will always make time to speak with our parents and carers so if anyone would like to arrange a meeting with their key person, please let a member of the team know.

Please remember the INSET day on Friday 22nd June. Little Acorns will NOT be open on this day.

Little reminder: please do not leave any medication in your children’s bags; the children access the cloakroom independently and we cannot risk any medication getting into the wrong hands. We are happy and willing to discuss any medical conditions/medicines needed on an individual basis.

Our School Leaver’s Party will be Friday 13th July from 3.30pm. Invitations will be sent the week after half term and we will be asking for party food donations for the children to share.

The first day back to nursery will be Monday 4th June and the last day of term before the Summer holidays will be Tuesday 24th July. If you need holiday care, please speak to Emily who will be happy to enquire for you at our local, sister nurseries in Lower Beeding and Ashington.

I have attached some ‘school readiness’ handouts for you to look over. The school teachers will be in and out throughout the term getting to know the children and Infant Academy parents should have dates for introductory visits and stay and play sessions. While this is an exciting time for the children, we will be trying to keep our routine as normal as possible at nursery so as to not overwhelm or unsettle the children.

We will be running PE sessions throughout this half term. Could children that are going to school this September please bring a bag with shorts, a t-shirt and trainers in so that we can practise getting dressed and undressed. These can stay in trays or be brought back and forwards.

PE will be on the following days:

Tuesday 5th June- morning Wednesday 4th July- morning

Friday 8th June- afternoon Monday 9th July- afternoon

Monday 11th June- afternoon Thursday 12th July- morning

Thursday 14th June- morning Tuesday 17th July- morning

Monday 18th June- morning Friday 20th July- afternoon

Wednesday 20th June- afternoon

Thursday 28th- afternoon

Friday 29th June- morning

Tuesday 3rd July- afternoon

Week commencing 11th June 2018 is the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week. We will be focusing on making healthy choices, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of exercise. We’re going to make salads, use vegetables to paint with as well as other fun activities. If you or a family member would like to come into nursery and talk to/do an activity with the children, we would love to have you! Please speak to Emily or Jo.

Our policies and procedures have been updated and can be viewed at the setting or emailed if requested. Please return your GDPR forms as soon as you can if you have not already.

We all hope you have a lovely half term.

Best wishes,

Emily, Jo and the Little Acorns Team